Cannabis! Cape Town Had It’s First Cannabis Expo this April

The Cannabis Expo Cape Town

The beautiful City of Cape Town had it’s first ever Cannabis Expo this April, which took place at Grand West from 4–7 April 2019. Hundreds of people gathered to learn more about Cannabis and where South Africa is after it’s legalization back in September 2018. Some of the burning topics were about cannabis and the local laws, getting a permit to grow it legally and of course growing the best weed out there.

The Cannabis Expo, had over 110 exhibitor stands, so you can imagine the amazing opportunity that may come with this legalization, and why so many people got super excited about this. There is no doubt that cannabis has a lot of healing effects, or should I say health  benefits that a lot of people are looking to explore.

Cannabis Talks and Topics

Cape Town enjoyed some great lineup of speakers on various topics, including health, agriculture, legislation, finance, and more, from the very best in the industry.

Noteworthy speakers included:

  • Myrtle Clark (One half of The Dagga Couple and MD of Fields of Green for ALL): A transition from a movement to an industry
  • Ofer Segal from The Future of Cannabis Research.
  • Cornel Van der Watt: Complete Cannabis Solutions
  • Tony Budden (Who lives in Africa’s first hemp home): How hemp products are good for you and our planet
  • Kevin Pearman (Irie CBD): A real-life success story of using cannabis to help cope with an autoimmune disease.


Cannabis Products on Sale

It was the Cannabis Expo . . . so of course there were some great cannabis products to enjoy. There were some cannabis edibles, foods and drinks available. I am sure you have heard about Durban Poison, the first South African dagga-infused beer . . . it was avalaible too, as well as Cannabis Sativa’s hemp-infused beverages. There were also cannabinoid non-alcoholic cocktails, cannabis energy drinks and cannabis cocktails. And for coffee lovers . . . there was cannabis-infused coffee to enjoy and Canna Coffee beans to buy, for home, so pretty much everyone was catered for.


There were other great pruducts and accessories from the exhibitors, and it’s clear that the expo was a huge success. Truth be told, we can’t wait for The Cannabis Expo in Johannesburg (Sandton) that’s coming later this year. Based on the Cannabis Expo for Durban and Cape Town, we know the Johannesburg one is going to be LIT!

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Source : Cape Town Magazine


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