Durban Poison: SA’s First Cannabis Drink

Durban Poison: What You Need to Know


Have you tried Durban Poison, the very first ever Cannabis beer in South Africa?

Since the legalization of cannabis in South Africa last year in September, there has been a number of cannabis businesses that have been popping up throughout South Africa. There have even been The Cannabis Expo in Cape Town,  Durban’s one is fast approaching in June and later this year the Johannesburg one, so it’s clear that this industry in booming.


Durban Poison is brewed by Poison City Brewing in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, and yes it is officially the very first beer made with cannabis. This beer though is brewed with hemp oil, which gives it its distinct flavour. It does not contain THC, which is the primary psycho-active ingredient in cannabis that delivers the “high”.


This is what it’s creators had to say:


“Hops and cannabis are very closely related and share many similar chemical characteristics, which means that hemp is an interesting and viable ingredient for beer-making,” says Graeme Bird, co-owner and founder of Poison City Brewing.


“Most light beers sacrifice character and taste can be quite ‘watery’, but the hemp seeds allow us to deliver a beer that is uniquely full, while still being light and refreshing.”


“Perceptions around this plant have changed remarkably in the past 10 years. With this lager, we wanted to been that forefront of that change. We want South Africans to rethink their drink.”


So there you have it, from its creators.


The Durban Poison Beer has 4% ABV which is on the lighetr side compared to other beers that have 4.5 to 5% alc content, making it a light alcoholic drink.


The beer is available at select stores and venues nationwide . . . if you haven’t tried it, you definitely should. And let us know once you do. 

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