Marijuana – You can Still Get Arrested in South Africa Despite Legalisation

Marijuana – It Can Still Get You Arrested in South Africa 


It’s legal to smoke cannabis (marijuana/weed) in South Africa, since it got legalised back in September last year. As long as you do it in the privacy of your home. Thisleft many people very happy.

And soon after the legalisation, South Africa saw it’s first Cannabis Expo held in Pretoria. Just like us, peple saw a huge gap in the market, and thousands flocked to the expo to showcase new products that would be entering the market, or those that were in the market already. There were drinks, food, oils, medicines and more.

And I won’t lie. it was exciting to see the Constitutional Court rule in the people’s favour, and at that point, we all were wondering what would come off this great opportunity.

Since the legalization though, things are just not that clear. What we are sure of is that you cannot be prosecuted for smoking in your own home. But, what other things are legal for you to do?


Where can you smoke weed in South Africa?

Ok, it’s awesome that I won’t get into trouble for smoking it at home. But, what if there’s a party at my friends place, and we are all heading over there and I have my little stash that I want to take with. If the police stop me as I am driving there, am I going to get arrested?

Honestly at this point, there doesn’t to be a clear answer for this. But yes, you can still get arrested if they find you with marijuana, it all just depends on the amount that you are carrying. According to the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act 140 of 1992, anything under 115 grams can be taken as being possessed for personal use, which puts you on the safe side.

Yes, you are allowed to smoke weed in the comfort of your home, however, it’s still illegal to sell it in South Africa, and this as you know can land you in serious hot water. So, the only option left is to grow your own . . . is that legal? Are there some grey areas with that too?

That’s going to be pretty hectic, because most of us are really just interested in smoking it, not growing it. It’s not as simple as just growing another plant, especially if you are looking for the top grade weed that everyone raves about. So where does all this confusion leave us?

What I can tell you for sure is to stay on the safe side, until all this confusion clears. Do not be caught with like 12 kg’s of weed or more,  because they will obviously say that you had intent to sell. Stay on the safe side, and enjoy it safely.

In the meantime, we will wait for the constitution to clear up all these grey areas that we have, so we know what not do.

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